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[Nov. 8th, 2006|02:29 pm]
Queer Therapy Commune


New list I just heard of and am not joining at this point.
InitiatingIntentionalCommunities · Initiating Intentional Communities

This group is open to those who wish to, are or have initiated intentional communities. Here we can meet, support, network and discuss with others of like mind whatever problems and needs people have along their journey toward initiating their IC.

We encourage free discussions and sharing of information and support with all those who wish to initiate ICs. As a member of this support group people would like to learn what you are working on or have worked on toward your goals of developing your IC, on what problems and issues you may be facing or have faced as you attempt or attempted to implement your plans for your IC, and on what successes you've enjoyed in your efforts to initiate your IC.

In addition to opening our group to aspiring IC initiators we'd like to outreach to established ICs to see whether there would be anyone in these which would be interested joining in and adding their input into the mix toward helping the IC initiators. We also feel there are many individuals, counselors, process facilitators and authors out there in the communities movement whom we could contact who might help us if they would join in...if you know of any please invite them to join us. Also, if you have any suggestions on where we could network this group please share this with the group.

To join you'll need to write up an introduction to the group on your vision, values and goals for your IC, and something on the effort you've made in forming one, and submit this introduction to the group owner before your request to join the group is approved. Your introduction will then be posted as your first message to the group, and also posted in the files section of the group for all members to read without their having to search the message archives.

This is not a group to lurk in as it will require a high degree of involvement of it members. Let's bring our passions together for our IC initiating goals so we might benefit many others who share this goal with us.